Thursday, May 12, 2016

How to Organize Your Potential

When we talk about self-organization, we will talk about how we organize or manage ourselves. After that we can manage ourselves then we will be able to arrange everything we wanted to get.cara membuat email

For more details about the organization ourselves when we associate with the value, let us refer to the following explanation.

When we talk about eating there must be people who agree that animals also understand it. Why this is so, we see the monkeys that carry bananas the monkey will not give up bananas that he has had.

But here we do not agree with these opinions, why? Actual behavior of these animals as programmed by genes they have, obeying evolutionary happened. And what makes humans unique when we talk about it?

We will define the direction to be achieved for a system of self-organization is because we want to see some results of value and as a result more dangerous. If people appreciate life, so we'll assume all diseases as a result of which we do not want from a self-organization.

As well as when we speak of an evolutionary perspective, it would probably look a little strange to be able to extend human lifespan of 80 years. However, we keep doing that, we still appreciate the many things which if you think about not raional and natural, as well as non-discrimination, peace, and monogamy.

In their efforts to control the system of self-organization (business, team, country) into more valuable direction again by the owners of interests, people who emulai to assume command as well as a selection of command and control style to be able to give orders.siklus akuntansi

organization within the company
simple illustrations that anyone who had a stake in the company (image: Google)

That is the way to get the manager to attack their positions, and that the performance of the government to be able to run a country. They no longer care about the outcome, but they want to make a self-regulating system either produce marketable value (products and services) or to refrain from damaging a valuable.

In general, a manager wants a team of software that DAPT menghasilakn software which was worth as well as DAPT make money, and the They did not want that the team escaped with the money from the company's circuitry.

So we can say that a menajer sometimes have success and sometimes failure. And the funny thing is where we position that the command and control as the norm.

As well as "a team that set itself" a new and interesting concept. But it was all a simple thought yan on umumny owned by someone. So we can say that the organization itself as the formation of all things without setting off the top or bottom.

Actually, when we talk of command and control which accidentally (which can produce regularity) found 13.7 billion years after the discovery of self-organization, by humans where they're working to protect all that they pecaya as something of value.

So we can say that self-organization is the norm, while the command and control adaah special case. So it is true that a number of people, who tekunci the organization in the command and control of self-organization it would be refreshing.pengertian akuntansi

But a refreshing taste that appears before man came also and found a complex bureaucracy. Here it can be said that I do not pecaya with the research agreement as well as creativity can be a lot going on.

Well that's elaboration on the values ​​of self-organization. Hopefully this article can last useful for you all, thank you for reading our article. See you on the other articles.