Thursday, May 12, 2016

4 Characteristics Of The Stages of the PLC (Product Life Cycle)

Like humans, a product will also have a cycle or life cycle. In this product is known as the Product Life Cycle (PLC), which can be interpreted a graphic to illustrate the history of the product since it was introduced on the market until the withdrawal of the product.bisnis rumahan

In this case the PLC is very important to give pemhaman very deep into the dynamics of competition for a product. The PLC can be classified into several groups, diantranya introduction, growth, atury, decline, and termination.

Well at any stage of the PLC tersbut have the opportunities and problems of different uyang relation to the marketing strategy (read: marketing strategies ) as well as the potential profits earned.

As we recognize the stage where the product is located, or which ak addressed by product, manjemen parties will be able to formulate plans and strategies appropriate pemsaran to be used by the company.

Then we need to pay attention that in aplikasai concept of PLC is not limited only to produc life cycle alone, it can also include line life cycle, product category life cycle, industry product life cycle, individual product life cycle, or even covers the brand life cycle ,

Miskipun Thus, there are experts who do not agree with it tersbut, these specialists are McCarthy and Perreault (1990) and Dhalla and Yuspeh (in Weitz and Wensley, 1988) they stated that the individual brands and their products do not have a PLC.

Dikemukan their argument is that prosuk along with individual brands can be introduced at any stage in the PLC (in the case of me-too product). It is also due to the sale of individual product occasionally does not follow the existing pattern in the PLC.peluang usaha

To complement these criticisms McCarthy and Perreault provide advice in the use of the term market life cycle or the product-market life cycle rather than in terms of the product life cycle. So for articles that will use the term product life cycle, because the term tersbut known generally and used widely ,

In addition to the characteristics that have been outlined above, the PLC still has other characteristics, such as:

1.Tidak of all products go through all the stages that exist
There are some products that can not even cross the stage of product introduction. In general, products that failed to be able to enter into this phase include products related to technology and fashion.

We can take the example of electronic products (walkmann, rocorder tape, computers, etc.), certain components, computer software, and still many more products.

classification PLC
table of classification along the characteristics (image: Google)

2.Panjangnya stage of the PLC for each product are highly variable
The period of time in the PLC is when the product category, while for the product form are more likely to follow the pattern of the standard PLC (S-shaped).

For the formation of the brand itself has a groove PLC is the shortest than others. Well here kenyataa prove that not all products that have shaped PLC S. While the style life cycle has cycle d = longer life than others but for the life cycle of fad itself will be short lived.

3.PLC itself can be extended by way of innovation and repositioning
There are many companies that can extend the life of their PLC, so it sold the product will not have his name will decline but instead will continue to rise.

We can take the classic example of what we can see from the achievements of Du Port to extend PLC products, namely products such as nylon. In the previous nylon material is only digunakn for scarring in the days of the second world war.

But the company can develop an alternative to the use of these nylon, and we can now be seen that the nylon material can now become the apparel industry. Bial we talk in Indonesia, then there is also to develop the PLC.cara membuat email

That Rinso, which at this time has been developing new products and introducing new products Rinso New, Ultra Rinso, and other products.

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