Thursday, May 12, 2016

6 Mechanical Jitu Manage Offers

In previous articles we have learned how to manage demand. There outlined five strategies in order to manage the demand for more details click here . Well for this article will discuss how to manage deals. For details please note the following explanation.cara membuat facebook

The strategy - a strategy that can be used by service companies to adjust capacity with fluctuating demand levels are:

1. Using part-time workers
Many part-time employees employed at busy periods. This strategy is widely used by companies that sell services that are standardized and the tasks that do not need special skills in the process.

For example in a clothing store and a post office they will hire an additional part-time employees before Christmas and New Year, or upon request at the peak.

2.Menyewa or Shared Facilities and Ancillary Equipment
Now many companies that rent facilities or equipment used in the busy periods, in order to avoid additional investment is quite expensive and also not fully utilized.

Or by using alternative is to develop shared services, such as hospitals buy certain medical perelatan be used together. As for the airlines using the trunk, the entrance, and a range of facilities that are used together.Peluang Bisnis

manage demand
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3.Menjadwalkan Activities Downtime Period Demand Low
Activities such as building renovation, public employees, and training should be scheduled at a time when demand is low, is intended that the assurance of the entire company's production capacity can be available during peak periods.

It could be said that the companies use the peak-time effiency routines, where employees are just doing basic tasks during peak demand only. In addition, the company will schedule employees work in multiple shifts per day.

Scheduling is very important to do, especially companies engaged in cyclical services, such as hospitals, banks, and telecommunication.

4.Melakukan Cross training (cross-training) Against Employees
The purpose of training for these kinds of tasks, so employees can help each other and also support the duty - the duty of the company. Sangtlah This is helpful when the bottleneck, where there are some employees in busy state while others are relatively relaxed.Manajemen

For example when employees are relatively relaxed parts inventory, they will be asked to assist in the cashier if there is a queue stretching.

Participation 5.Meningkatkan Customers
In this case the company should be able to seek the involvement of consumers coproducer in handling certain tasks. as a sample of patients write their own medical annals, customers take their own food and drinks ordered in fast food.

That explanation of the strategy in managing the offer. Hopefully this article for you or as a reference for your business.