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4 Characteristics Of The Stages of the PLC (Product Life Cycle)

Like humans, a product will also have a cycle or life cycle. In this product is known as the Product Life Cycle (PLC), which can be interpreted a graphic to illustrate the history of the product since it was introduced on the market until the withdrawal of the product.bisnis rumahan

In this case the PLC is very important to give pemhaman very deep into the dynamics of competition for a product. The PLC can be classified into several groups, diantranya introduction, growth, atury, decline, and termination.

Well at any stage of the PLC tersbut have the opportunities and problems of different uyang relation to the marketing strategy (read: marketing strategies ) as well as the potential profits earned.

As we recognize the stage where the product is located, or which ak addressed by product, manjemen parties will be able to formulate plans and strategies appropriate pemsaran to be used by the company.

Then we need to pay attention that in aplikasai concept of PLC is not limited only to produc life cycle alone, it can also include line life cycle, product category life cycle, industry product life cycle, individual product life cycle, or even covers the brand life cycle ,

Miskipun Thus, there are experts who do not agree with it tersbut, these specialists are McCarthy and Perreault (1990) and Dhalla and Yuspeh (in Weitz and Wensley, 1988) they stated that the individual brands and their products do not have a PLC.

Dikemukan their argument is that prosuk along with individual brands can be introduced at any stage in the PLC (in the case of me-too product). It is also due to the sale of individual product occasionally does not follow the existing pattern in the PLC.peluang usaha

To complement these criticisms McCarthy and Perreault provide advice in the use of the term market life cycle or the product-market life cycle rather than in terms of the product life cycle. So for articles that will use the term product life cycle, because the term tersbut known generally and used widely ,

In addition to the characteristics that have been outlined above, the PLC still has other characteristics, such as:

1.Tidak of all products go through all the stages that exist
There are some products that can not even cross the stage of product introduction. In general, products that failed to be able to enter into this phase include products related to technology and fashion.

We can take the example of electronic products (walkmann, rocorder tape, computers, etc.), certain components, computer software, and still many more products.

classification PLC
table of classification along the characteristics (image: Google)

2.Panjangnya stage of the PLC for each product are highly variable
The period of time in the PLC is when the product category, while for the product form are more likely to follow the pattern of the standard PLC (S-shaped).

For the formation of the brand itself has a groove PLC is the shortest than others. Well here kenyataa prove that not all products that have shaped PLC S. While the style life cycle has cycle d = longer life than others but for the life cycle of fad itself will be short lived.

3.PLC itself can be extended by way of innovation and repositioning
There are many companies that can extend the life of their PLC, so it sold the product will not have his name will decline but instead will continue to rise.

We can take the classic example of what we can see from the achievements of Du Port to extend PLC products, namely products such as nylon. In the previous nylon material is only digunakn for scarring in the days of the second world war.

But the company can develop an alternative to the use of these nylon, and we can now be seen that the nylon material can now become the apparel industry. Bial we talk in Indonesia, then there is also to develop the PLC.cara membuat email

That Rinso, which at this time has been developing new products and introducing new products Rinso New, Ultra Rinso, and other products.

Demikan was characteristic of PLC stage, seomga artkel could be beneficial for you. Thanks tela read our article; up conference on the other article.

Ide Peluang Berbisnis Paling Populer

How to Organize Your Potential

When we talk about self-organization, we will talk about how we organize or manage ourselves. After that we can manage ourselves then we will be able to arrange everything we wanted to get.cara membuat email

For more details about the organization ourselves when we associate with the value, let us refer to the following explanation.

When we talk about eating there must be people who agree that animals also understand it. Why this is so, we see the monkeys that carry bananas the monkey will not give up bananas that he has had.

But here we do not agree with these opinions, why? Actual behavior of these animals as programmed by genes they have, obeying evolutionary happened. And what makes humans unique when we talk about it?

We will define the direction to be achieved for a system of self-organization is because we want to see some results of value and as a result more dangerous. If people appreciate life, so we'll assume all diseases as a result of which we do not want from a self-organization.

As well as when we speak of an evolutionary perspective, it would probably look a little strange to be able to extend human lifespan of 80 years. However, we keep doing that, we still appreciate the many things which if you think about not raional and natural, as well as non-discrimination, peace, and monogamy.

In their efforts to control the system of self-organization (business, team, country) into more valuable direction again by the owners of interests, people who emulai to assume command as well as a selection of command and control style to be able to give orders.siklus akuntansi

organization within the company
simple illustrations that anyone who had a stake in the company (image: Google)

That is the way to get the manager to attack their positions, and that the performance of the government to be able to run a country. They no longer care about the outcome, but they want to make a self-regulating system either produce marketable value (products and services) or to refrain from damaging a valuable.

In general, a manager wants a team of software that DAPT menghasilakn software which was worth as well as DAPT make money, and the They did not want that the team escaped with the money from the company's circuitry.

So we can say that a menajer sometimes have success and sometimes failure. And the funny thing is where we position that the command and control as the norm.

As well as "a team that set itself" a new and interesting concept. But it was all a simple thought yan on umumny owned by someone. So we can say that the organization itself as the formation of all things without setting off the top or bottom.

Actually, when we talk of command and control which accidentally (which can produce regularity) found 13.7 billion years after the discovery of self-organization, by humans where they're working to protect all that they pecaya as something of value.

So we can say that self-organization is the norm, while the command and control adaah special case. So it is true that a number of people, who tekunci the organization in the command and control of self-organization it would be refreshing.pengertian akuntansi

But a refreshing taste that appears before man came also and found a complex bureaucracy. Here it can be said that I do not pecaya with the research agreement as well as creativity can be a lot going on.

Well that's elaboration on the values ​​of self-organization. Hopefully this article can last useful for you all, thank you for reading our article. See you on the other articles.

Absolute Teamwork, Team As A Continuum

We flasback briefly yes, in a previous article we already know the value of self-organization terdapap, if you forgot please click here . In the article we are already The work that goes on according to the value of self-organization.contoh laporan keuangan

Well for this article will discuss the manifestations in the team. Embodiment in this team deals with the procedures to be able to form a solid team and have a good performance. For more details about how the embodiment of team let us consider the following explanation.

If when we want to translate the concept of embodiment into a team, there we can recognize a lot of very interesting phenomenon. The first is when a team decision, the possibility of making a collective keputuan occurred in the absence of centralized planning.

When we look into the world of animals, the invasion of a group of ants are the most advanced of organized operations are conducted by any animal. But a bunch of ants that does not have a full picture of the operations they do.

And already commonplace we know that a good plan will emerge from every interaction between all team members, although each member of the team working with information that may not be perfect.

From some research on the perception of humans, we learn a lot about the many conflicting views as to produce a single view of the whole system.

A character named Daniel Dennett and Marvin Minsky who both stated that, "the flow of perception" is an illusion. Meanwhile, according to Dannett there are many versions of perception itself.cara membuat instagram

At the base of the brain we have solved a lot of interpretations about the world into a what we call an identity or "self". Although regarded as an illusion, but it is functioning very well. It also stated Minsky which she called "the public mind."

team work
the team we should help each other in order to work smoothly (image: Google)

Here there are many theories as well as models of the human mind, but of the many opinions that all leads and turned into a single perception. It also occurs in the common view of the world within a team can be a single perception.

The actual identity of a team is an illusion, but it will actually serve a significant impact on their project. But ironically, human perception function because many plans below.

And the identity of a team will work for a different view of the underlying. In this case I feel confident that people will feel happy if their opinions are different it will be important for the realization of the identity of a team.

We also need to know that the system could have been "more than just the sum of its parts". If we examine our brains, the brain has an "alpha waves" which wave was stable between 8-12 Hz.

It was an accurate measure, although it tersbut formed of many bad size because each neuron in the brain has its own tigkat release, which varies from 8-12 times per second.

However, the alpha rhythm is growing, more reliable than the rhythm of the entire neuron (Stogatz 2003: 42). Memikian also happens on a team, common for a team to be able to work better requires kenerja the best of any or each member

DeMarco and Lister mention it with the term "team which crystallized". The term can be defined as a group of people who are connected are very strong, so that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

The productivity of a team like that would be better and bigger as compared to the same people in betuk not crystallize (DeMarco, Lister 1999: 123). At the end of the evolving nature of this is that often we can not expect before.

In a team, you will not be able to guess the behavior of the team just by analyzing each team member individually. Behavior that develops within a team are the results obtained from the interaction between the team members.strategi pemasaran

Sebuat team will be responsible to the culture of the team, as well as their ideal processes within the organization, and even with their own names. As already said before, that you will be difficult to surmise the nature of this evolving, when you just put a team into a separate section.

So the only thing you can expect is that they indirectly will always try to reduce your advantage by asking the expensive equipment as well as seminars to improve team performance.

Now that's an explanation of perwujada of the team, which has dikatan earlier that the growing interest of the team not to be expected by anyone. Such explanations can be given, may be useful for all tones. Thank you for reading our article, and I'll see you in another article.

Momentum = Achievement, Dont Miss it!

"I'll be sitting in a place which does not give the slightest place for devil." (Umar Bin Abdul Aziz).

From the above sentence indicates that we should take advantage of opportunities as possible. Sometimes we have a chance to be successful since he was young but we often let go of this opportunity and we think that opportunity will come again for now I'm going to feel the youth first.

Well this is a wrong perception, what are we waiting for? And we can do from the beginning. Basically we have been given grace period, when we missed our second course we can not repeat it again.manajemen keuangan

Time is the momentum so that we achieve a feat. This is not serious, because God himself has asserted that human beings are in a state of loss otherwise people can not pay attention to time, but there are four groups who are not losers, namely:

people of faith,
People who do good deeds
People are advised in to the path of righteousness
People who advised patience
It was all in keeping the word of Allh Almighty in the Qur'an Surah Al-Asr verses 1-3, which means:

"For the sake of time. Behold, the man is really in loss, except those who believe rang and menegrjakan righteous deeds, and counsel-counsel and advice in order to comply with in order to fulfill patience-advised. "

Imam Shafi'i rahimahullah and berkta addressing the verse, "If people can understand the verse in real enough in her religion ... .." What do you mean? Basically this is the essence of the letter (explaining) that the real life is a collection of time.

momentum = accomplishments
you should be able to determine its own path to your success (image: Google)

If we can not use the time he was the one who guaranteed to lose money, as the case of people who have died. This is because as well as a frozen corpse, which life is not polite to die to make the smell.

Wujuduhu ka-adamihi, kedaradaan as if no, this dikerenakan no use. Where nobody considers and ignored. In fact there are many people who lament and curse, why people like him in alive, or even if she dies even many people who are grateful.kerja sampingan

Rasulullah SAW said, "The likeness of one who remembers Alllah with people who do not remember him as orag living with the dead". (HR. Bukhari from Abu Musa Al-Ash'ari)

People like that that much at this point, it will even scared when people like that are all around us atapun transformed into ourselves. Who the hell wants to live just as a walk-on, the audience is sloppy, or even artists who do not have a clear role and vision for example shambles.

Living like that would create momentum elapsed, success will run away from us, or bahagiapun going away from us.

Allah's Apostle once said, "There are two scrumptious, where many people are deceived by both: deliciously healthy and free time." (HR. Bukhari from Ibn Abbas)

Well from the hadith we can gain that time is the key to success for us all. We should be able to take a lot of inspiration from Imam Shafi Al Asr on this letter as well as his experience in order to optimize his time.kerja online

That way we can unleash the potential that we have with many remarkable achievements. So that we can draw conclusions bahwasannya time the key is empowering, empower yourself, empower means, find the momentum, gave birth to fresh ideas, working properly to be able to produce works great.

Well explained about presatsi momentum, we should be able to appreciate the time and use the momentum we have gained in order to generate feats biasa.seoga dapatb ermanfaat this article for you all.

Thank you for reading our article, see you on the other articles.

6 Mechanical Jitu Manage Offers

In previous articles we have learned how to manage demand. There outlined five strategies in order to manage the demand for more details click here . Well for this article will discuss how to manage deals. For details please note the following explanation.cara membuat facebook

The strategy - a strategy that can be used by service companies to adjust capacity with fluctuating demand levels are:

1. Using part-time workers
Many part-time employees employed at busy periods. This strategy is widely used by companies that sell services that are standardized and the tasks that do not need special skills in the process.

For example in a clothing store and a post office they will hire an additional part-time employees before Christmas and New Year, or upon request at the peak.

2.Menyewa or Shared Facilities and Ancillary Equipment
Now many companies that rent facilities or equipment used in the busy periods, in order to avoid additional investment is quite expensive and also not fully utilized.

Or by using alternative is to develop shared services, such as hospitals buy certain medical perelatan be used together. As for the airlines using the trunk, the entrance, and a range of facilities that are used together.Peluang Bisnis

manage demand
ideas can be sourced from anywhere (image: Google)

3.Menjadwalkan Activities Downtime Period Demand Low
Activities such as building renovation, public employees, and training should be scheduled at a time when demand is low, is intended that the assurance of the entire company's production capacity can be available during peak periods.

It could be said that the companies use the peak-time effiency routines, where employees are just doing basic tasks during peak demand only. In addition, the company will schedule employees work in multiple shifts per day.

Scheduling is very important to do, especially companies engaged in cyclical services, such as hospitals, banks, and telecommunication.

4.Melakukan Cross training (cross-training) Against Employees
The purpose of training for these kinds of tasks, so employees can help each other and also support the duty - the duty of the company. Sangtlah This is helpful when the bottleneck, where there are some employees in busy state while others are relatively relaxed.Manajemen

For example when employees are relatively relaxed parts inventory, they will be asked to assist in the cashier if there is a queue stretching.

Participation 5.Meningkatkan Customers
In this case the company should be able to seek the involvement of consumers coproducer in handling certain tasks. as a sample of patients write their own medical annals, customers take their own food and drinks ordered in fast food.

That explanation of the strategy in managing the offer. Hopefully this article for you or as a reference for your business.

Proven Techniques Distribution Coverage Strategy

Distribution of this important sngatlah dilakuakn if we want more to widen the market share of our company. Seprt described in another article about the types of strategies by geographic market, if you forget or do not read it click here.

Disribusi strategy is very important because this will impact on the price of a product. It also relates to the price penetepan strategy described in the previous article, if you forgot please click here .usaha rumahan

In the strategy of distribution coverage will be concerned with determining jumalah intermediaries that exist in a region or market exposure. In dasarntya purpose of this strategy is to be able to serve the market with a price as low as possible but can create the image of the desired product.

In the strategy, there are three kinds, as well as the elections will each of these strategies require an understanding of marketers meneganai all purchasing habits of consumers.

Pemaar also need to know the level of gross margin and turnover, the ability of the retailer in providing services as well as selling the entire product line within the company as well as classes prooduk.

The kind of this strategy are:

exclusive 1.Distribusi
In this case the manufacturers will only appoint a special intermediary only, in order to supply the products to specific regions, with the requirement that the intermediary may not sell products pasaing.

This strategy is in need of a strong partnership with the manufacturer anatara vehicle, while the products are suitable dlam This strategy includes specialty product (or in some cases) shopping product and capital goods.

strategies coverage strategy
we should be able to mainmaping business (Image: Google)

Yet this strategy will be selected when the intermediary must install specific installations and provide repair services. But the benefits of this strategy include:

The presence of high loyalty of the middle, so the company mendpatkan great sales support and data which are used to forecating as well as market research.
To increase the image of a product
Their high degree of control would be the price as well as services to be provided by intermediaries.
Because of this strategy must be a flaw, following weakness on this strategy:

Penjulan their level (volume) Low
Dependence with one intermediary only, opportunity cost of producers in a region of swell.bisnis rumahan

Exclusive distribution often targeted Antitrust Laws in some countries.
Intensive 2.Distribusi
This strategy will enable manufacturers to be able to strive menyediaka products at every retail outlet that may be marketed. Usually the products using this strategy is the product of convenience as well as industrial supplies.

Which is intended as candy, newspapers, cigarettes, soft drinks, stationery, and other products. The advantage of using this strategy is the product of the company will be widely available in the existing market share.

Jam benefit of these alternatives, there are also risks to be faced by a company when using this strategy:

Should the item aka sale price should be relatively cheap and fast turnovernya
Companies will find it difficult to control so many outlets as well as extensive terssebar.
Their commitment to retailers to lower product promotion.
Selective distribution
For the latter, a strategy that puts the company's products in some retail outlets that man alone outlets are located in a specific region. it is possible sovereign, when the highest sales volume can be obtained from several outlets only.peluang usaha

In this case the intermediary is used in order to make a major contribution to the objectives of distribution that has been set by the manufacturer.

The products being distributed with this strategy is shopping goods or could be material products, and if the manufacturer requires a company that sold a large number of product lines that man is supported by the services he needed.

The criterion in the selection of retail outlets that we use is the showroom space, pelyanan facilities, as well as their level of availability which is owned by each rertail outlet.

Well benefits of this strategy is mendapatka market coverage which is quite spacious deng a great degree of control without adanay large financing. This strategy jga can bring huge profits along perabtaranya bagii manufacturers.

In any strategy must be a disadvantage, in this case the loss dipadat is if there is a failure to obtain coverage for product market, then get a high enough risk.cara membuat email

Demikianah explanation of staretgi distribution coverage, all in the hands keputusa you to use strategies which.

Thank you for reading our article, may be useful for you all. See you on other occasions.