Thursday, May 12, 2016

Absolute Teamwork, Team As A Continuum

We flasback briefly yes, in a previous article we already know the value of self-organization terdapap, if you forgot please click here . In the article we are already The work that goes on according to the value of self-organization.contoh laporan keuangan

Well for this article will discuss the manifestations in the team. Embodiment in this team deals with the procedures to be able to form a solid team and have a good performance. For more details about how the embodiment of team let us consider the following explanation.

If when we want to translate the concept of embodiment into a team, there we can recognize a lot of very interesting phenomenon. The first is when a team decision, the possibility of making a collective keputuan occurred in the absence of centralized planning.

When we look into the world of animals, the invasion of a group of ants are the most advanced of organized operations are conducted by any animal. But a bunch of ants that does not have a full picture of the operations they do.

And already commonplace we know that a good plan will emerge from every interaction between all team members, although each member of the team working with information that may not be perfect.

From some research on the perception of humans, we learn a lot about the many conflicting views as to produce a single view of the whole system.

A character named Daniel Dennett and Marvin Minsky who both stated that, "the flow of perception" is an illusion. Meanwhile, according to Dannett there are many versions of perception itself.cara membuat instagram

At the base of the brain we have solved a lot of interpretations about the world into a what we call an identity or "self". Although regarded as an illusion, but it is functioning very well. It also stated Minsky which she called "the public mind."

team work
the team we should help each other in order to work smoothly (image: Google)

Here there are many theories as well as models of the human mind, but of the many opinions that all leads and turned into a single perception. It also occurs in the common view of the world within a team can be a single perception.

The actual identity of a team is an illusion, but it will actually serve a significant impact on their project. But ironically, human perception function because many plans below.

And the identity of a team will work for a different view of the underlying. In this case I feel confident that people will feel happy if their opinions are different it will be important for the realization of the identity of a team.

We also need to know that the system could have been "more than just the sum of its parts". If we examine our brains, the brain has an "alpha waves" which wave was stable between 8-12 Hz.

It was an accurate measure, although it tersbut formed of many bad size because each neuron in the brain has its own tigkat release, which varies from 8-12 times per second.

However, the alpha rhythm is growing, more reliable than the rhythm of the entire neuron (Stogatz 2003: 42). Memikian also happens on a team, common for a team to be able to work better requires kenerja the best of any or each member

DeMarco and Lister mention it with the term "team which crystallized". The term can be defined as a group of people who are connected are very strong, so that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

The productivity of a team like that would be better and bigger as compared to the same people in betuk not crystallize (DeMarco, Lister 1999: 123). At the end of the evolving nature of this is that often we can not expect before.

In a team, you will not be able to guess the behavior of the team just by analyzing each team member individually. Behavior that develops within a team are the results obtained from the interaction between the team members.strategi pemasaran

Sebuat team will be responsible to the culture of the team, as well as their ideal processes within the organization, and even with their own names. As already said before, that you will be difficult to surmise the nature of this evolving, when you just put a team into a separate section.

So the only thing you can expect is that they indirectly will always try to reduce your advantage by asking the expensive equipment as well as seminars to improve team performance.

Now that's an explanation of perwujada of the team, which has dikatan earlier that the growing interest of the team not to be expected by anyone. Such explanations can be given, may be useful for all tones. Thank you for reading our article, and I'll see you in another article.